The Oracle Data base Cloud Service 1Z0-160 Certificate Examination

The Oracle Database Cloud Service 1Z0-160 Certification exam validates concepts and skills within the full Database product family and concentrates on the Database Cloud Service (DBCS) only. It is primarily suitable for On-Premise DBAs to add cloud expertise for their 1z0-160 certification titles, as well as operators that use DBCS to provision services.
1Z0-160 Exam Topics:
Database Deployment Administration
Performance and Scaling
Creating Database Deployment
Database Deployment Connectivity and Security
1Z0-160 Certification Exam Details:
Exam Name: Oracle Database Cloud Service
Exam Code: 1Z0-160
Exam Price: $245.00 On exam pricing
Format: Multiple-Choice
Duration: Two hours
Variety of Questions: 70
Passing Score: 63%
Validated Against: Exam may be validated against Oracle Database like a Service Cloud v
1Z0-160 practice test:
1z0-160 sample questions:
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Oracle Database Cloud Service Operations Certified Associate Certification Overview
Administrators educate yourself on the key parts of functionality with the Oracle Database Like a Service (DBaaS) implementation: how to use them while they develop, deploy, administer, and tune DBaaS.
The exam is targeted on these tasks:
Setting up a DBaaS instance (instead of a Database instance)
Administering the Oracle Database Cloud Service instances
Configuring Xserver and Xterminal connections; hook up to a VM through SSH
Configure SSH for Unix and Linux users
Enable usage of a port within a Virtual Machine
Backup (default, customized, on-demand) and Recovery
Using Database Administrator tools including DBCA, SQL Developer, Database Express and SQL*Plus
Make use of the Oracle Cloud Database Monitor web application to evaluate and manage your Oracle Database.
Plug/unplug, perform remote cloning, use RMAN and SQL*Loader to migrate data
Secure your cloud database, secure your network access and applications, administer Oracle REST data services
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